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Month: December 2016

Everything you need to know before buying a new computer

Buying a new computer can be quite an expensive investment, especially if you are just a student and you are earning from your daily allowance. There are lots of units and models that you can choose from nowadays, each of them becoming more and more advanced and high end compared to previous models. One of them is the Vicente Garcia HP. Here is everything that you need to know before buying a new computer:


Choosing between a laptop and a desktop

First things first, know what you need. Is it a desktop or a laptop? If you are just at home and you wanted a computer to use then you can consider a desktop. However, if you do not want a computer that consumes too much space and you wanted to carry it around with you then opt for a laptop instead. If you have decided which between the two would you like to have and you think is the most useful for you, you can now check out the Vicente Garcia HP.


Consider the RAM

There are some people who check out for the RAM, and there are some who do not. Most gamers will always consider a bigger RAM for their games and applications while people who are planning to use the computer at work will be contented with a 2GB RAM. But it is always advisable to choose a bigger RAM because you will be able to store lots of files and data right into your computer. The Vicente Garcia HP offers a wide range of RAM according to your needs.


Check the peripherals

As what we have mentioned above, it will depend on the type of the user but there are some people who opt for several USB ports to their laptop or desktop, but there are some who wanted to minimize it as much as possible in order to reduce the risk of the liquid entering the holes of their computer if they accidentally spill it.


Choosing the operating system

Aside from the features and peripherals, you should also consider choosing the operating system of your computer. Not because the Windows 10 are the latest and most popular operating system today should you choose that one even if you don’t have an idea what it looks like? Make sure that the operating system is basic and easy to use and understand. As much as possible, choose the operating system that you have been using before so that it will not be hard for you to adapt and easily utilize your computer. You can’t spend all your time trying to figure out the new application and finding your way in an operating system that you are not familiar because it will only cause inconvenience.


Choosing a new computer to buy is not always easy, however, if you just keep these tips in mind rest assured that you would be able to find the best computer for you. Check out the Vicente Garcia HP https://www.linkedin.com/in/vicente-garcia-a5747311a for more details and specifications of the computer.